Step 1: Order your Jupiter J4S delivery position today

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With orders building rapidly and production capacity limited in the early years, customers are advised to secure a delivery position now to minimize the wait time.

Customers can secure the next available J4S delivery position using a credit card to place a deposit either online or by calling Jupiter directly at +971 56 706 2067. The following terms apply to the Standard J4S Deposit Program:
Estimated Price: €189,000 EUR plus CPI increase (Base Aircraft and Included Features)
Deposit: €1,000 EUR (refundable at any time less a €500 processing fee*; deposited with Silicon Valley Bank, Holding Agent) *See deposit agreement for more details.

Delivery Date: Your estimated delivery date will be provided approximately 6 months prior to your Purchase Agreement and first Pre-Delivery Payment.

Buyers who will pay a deposit of 1000 EUR receive in a GIFT an advanced headset with bluetooth Sennheiser S1.