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Three-column retractable landing gear with a nose wheel. Front pillar is controlled. Full amortization with pneumatic oil absorbers. Thus, the plane takes off and sits on an unprepared soil strip. The main wheels are equipped with hydraulic disc brakes. The brakes are very effective, they ensure braking at least -0.3 … 0.35g on the run. The chassis cleaning system is hydraulic.
The hydraulic system is at least 2.5 times lighter than the electrical system. Cleaning is carried out with the help of hydraulic cylinders, which are fixed in the released and retracted position built-in locks, and built-in induction sensors, triggered by the position of the locking elements of the locks. Everything is inside, compact, and in oil. It can work equally well in mud, in sand, in heat, in frost or under water. Seals of hydraulic cylinders are polyurethane. Hydraulic cylinders are included in the power circuit of the chassis, and perceive loads as rigid rods for tension-compression in accordance with landing loading cases. The order of loads is 1800 … 2200 kg. Also, the hydraulic system is serviced by VISH. The hydr
aulic system includes a 200
ml accumulator and a filter.
The main landing gear racks are retracted into the fuselage and fixed to the fuselage.
Thus, with undocked consoles, the fuselage stands on its wheels. The location of the main wheels of the chassis in a retracted position from underneath the cabin with open niches, and the wheels of the front pillar in a retracted position protruding from the bottom of the fuselage for 1/3 of the diameter of the wheel, with the possibility of rotation, minimizes damage to the aircraft during emergency landing with the retracted