The aircraft “Jupiter-J4S” was created by a team of German engineers under the direction of Stefan Raab, who set the task to create the world's best 4-seater aircraft with the powerful new engine ROTAX 915iS.

In the world there are many unique 4-seater aircraft such as the Cessna 172, 182, 400; Cirrus 20, SR22; Mooney Bravo; Piper Archer; Beech Bonanza; Socata Tobago and at the same time even the most similar in characteristics Diamond DA 40 4-seater aircraft; Pipestrel Panthera; Cetus 1000, RV-10; Dynaero MCR 4S; Flight Design C4; Tecnam P 2010, Simba APM41, Robin DR400 nevertheless can not match the efficiency with Jupiter J4S.

First of all, thanks to its unique aerodynamic design ins powerful, efficient engines Rotax 915iS. In addition to obtaining high flight performance, aerodynamic design of the aircraft paid particular attention to the safety of the corkscrew. Apply: a profile with a smooth stall, a negative geometric twist of the wing, a moderate narrowing, a small reverse sweep along the line of foci, ailerons with a detached slit with a downward deflection.

Also, in the root part of the wing consoles, along the leading edge, special incrustations are arranged, designed in such a way that as the angle of attack increases, the flow break begins at the bow of these rips. As a result, a dive torque arises that prevents further increase in the angle of attack.

The prototype tests fully confirmed the effectiveness of the above measures. With loss of speed, the aircraft lowers its nose without a tendency to stall, and while maintaining the effectiveness of lateral control. Accelerates, again loses speed, and again lowers the nose.

When the rudder deflects to the full stroke after the loss of speed, a smooth stall begins. Which without delay stops after setting the rudders to neutral position. Exceptional safety for pilots and passengers is an integral part of the philosophy of the company Jupiter.

To this end, Jupiter J4S equipped with a ballistic parachute and fire fuel tanks, as well as inertsionnym- reel seat and shoulder straps, which can be blocked for a flight through turbulence. The cockpit provides heating and set the landing gear sensor.

For additional protection, the cabin is equipped with a strong carbon reinforcement. In order to reduce the cost of production, it was decided in partnership with the "KTD GROUP" to organize the assembly of aircraft in Ukraine in the city of Kanev. Due to this, as well as the organization of direct sales without intermediary dealers with payment of the deposit through our website, we have achieved prices Aircraft Jupiter-J4S in times less than competitors.

At the same time to receive advice on our aircraft to you for private pilots in your country, see Contact! The company Jupiter, unlike its competitors, does not set a starting low price for a non-flying aircraft in order to increase the price by means of options. You get a fully prepared and flown aircraft with instruments, functionality and safety similar to the large aircraft.


Number of places 4
Engine Rotax 915iS (141 HP)
Fuel Type A-95
Cruise speed (75% power) 320 km/h
Max Speed 360 km/h
Screw 3 blade, VAR Woodcomp
Chassis 3 rack, retractable hydraulic
Wheels and Brakes Beringer
Maximum flight weight 820 kg
Empty weight 370 kg
The volume of fuel tanks 117 liters
Wing area 10,8 m2
Wingspan 9,6 m
Aircraft length 7,2 m
Height 2,65 m
Fuselage width MAX 1,35 m
Cabin height 1,2 m
Cabin length MAX 3,0 m
Wing loading 80 kg/m2
Track chassis 2,15 m
Wheel size 450 mm
Luggage space 300 liters
Aerodynamic quality MAX 19
Speed​​-200 km/h. - Flight time-10 hours Flight range-2000 km
Speed​-280 km/h - Flight time-5 hours Flight range-1400 km
Speed​​-340 km/h - Flight time-3 hours Flight range-1020 km
Landing speed 75 km/h
Rate of climb 4,5 m/s
Run 250 m
Mileage 150 Meter
Price 189 000€

Price List

Description Unit Price
Jupiter-J4S retractable gear, Rotax 915 IS 141 HP, rescue system 990 kg 189 000,00 €
Avionics price with installation
Radio Garmin GTR 225A 8,33kHz 10W 3 578,00 €
Radio Garmin GTR 225 10W 2 696,00 €
Nav/com Garmin GNC 255A 10W 8,33kHz 6 107,00 €
Audiopanel Garmin 245 Remote 1 917,00 €
GTN 650 Garmin GPS/NAV/COM 13 455,00 €
Transponder Garmin GTX335 mode S (ads-b compl.) 3 956,00 €
Transponder remote Garmin GTX35R mode S for G3X 3 146,00 €
Transponder remote Garmin GTX45R mode S for G3X 4 671,00 €
EFIS G3X Garmin 1xGDU 460 10" Touch 8 865,00 €
Second adahrs for Garmin G3X 990,00 €
Compact GPS/Navigation Data Interface Adapter IFR 707,00 €
Backup bat G3X each screen 441,00 €
EFIS G5 Garmin standby instrument + battery pack 2 295,00 €
Auto pilot Garmin 2 x GSA 28 servo + 1 x kit installation 2 628,00 €
Garmin GMC307 AP control 1 566,00 €
Garmin GMC507 AP control 1 796,00 €
Garrecht AT-1 TCAS+FLARM 2 655,00 €
ELT KANNAD -IntegraAF (gps) + remote control + Rami AV300 1 508,00 €
Winter 57 climb indicator 626,00 €
Winter 57 altitude indicator (+100gr) 329,00 €
Winter 57 certified altitude indicator 3 needles 950,00 €
Vertical Compass PAI700 428,00 €
Compas Standard 288,00 €
Woodcomp carbon look with customized tips 446,00 €
Tail LED light 1 076,00 €
Strobe + nav LED on wings 896,00 €
Night vfr kit (dimmer, cockpit and instrument light) 347,00 €
Landing light LED 716,00 €
Cargo door L 3 510,00 €
Ground protection landing gear 626,00 €
Camera landing gear (only with EFIS) 806,00 €
Option towing hook 3 150,00 €
Double brakes (+1 kg) 702,00 €
Tow bar (retractable gear) 221,00 €
Canopy cover 504,00 €
Total aircraft cover 1 526,00 €
Electric flaps + ground protection landing gear 1 616,00 €
Heated pitot (only with AOA Garmin) 356,00 €
Adjustable pedals pilot side 626,00 €