Jupiter Aircraft participated as a sponsor of the festival Mriya-Fest

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Jupiter Aircraft participated as a sponsor of the festival «Mriya-Fest», which took place on May 26-27 in the city of Cherkasy. To this festival, dozens of planes flocked from all over Europe. Thousands of people stood in a long queue at Cherkasy airport. It has not been working for many years, but this day, was overcrowded with airplanes.

The purpose of the festival «Mriya-Fest» is to help children from dysfunctional families choose their future profession. In general, Cherkassy aerodrome gathered 45 light-jet airplanes. Not only Ukrainians, but also guests from France, the Baltic countries and Germany were there.

Everyone who came to the event were able to watch the air show and exhibition performance of motorcyclists. There were also performances by children’s groups. In addition, a lot of entertainment was provided especially for children: carting, a children’s village and a campus of professions. In the premises of the airport, children could take part in various master classes.
The festival ended up with a performance of junior hip-hop bands and the “Yarmak” band.

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