How to Buy

Buy Jupiter J4S

Step 1: Order your Jupiter J4S delivery position today

With orders building rapidly and production capacity limited in the early years, customers are advised to secure a delivery position now to minimize the wait time.

Customers can secure the next available J4S delivery position using a credit card to place a deposit either online or by calling Jupiter directly at +971 56 706 2067. The following terms apply to the Standard J4S Deposit Program:
Estimated Price: €189,000 EUR plus CPI increase (Base Aircraft and Included Features)
Deposit: €1,000 EUR (refundable at any time less a €500 processing fee*; deposited with Silicon Valley Bank, Holding Agent) *See deposit agreement for more details.

Delivery Date: Your estimated delivery date will be provided approximately 6 months prior to your Purchase Agreement and first Pre-Delivery Payment.

Buyers who will pay a deposit of 1000 EUR receive in a GIFT an advanced headset with bluetooth Sennheiser S1.

Step 2: Confirm your Jupiter J4S order before delivery

Jupiter  will contact you at least 180 days prior to your Jupiter J4S delivery date to confirm your order and have you select your desired options. At that time, you will sign your Aircraft Purchase Agreement and an additional deposit will be required to confirm your order. Third party financing may be available.

Step 3: Take delivery of your Jupiter J4S

When your aircraft is completed, pay the remaining balance and take possession of your new Jupiter J4S.

Click the button below to order your Jupiter J4S. Read the Deposit Agreement. After you agree to the terms, you will be taken to a secure page to make your deposit.