The fastest and most economical 4-seater airplane in the world with retractable landing gear for the price of a 2-seater..."

Our Story

“Jupiter Aircraft” Company was established in 2014 by an engineer Stefan Raab, who has long worked in Germany for the “Airbus” Company.

The aircraft “Jupiter-J4S” was created by a team of German engineers under the direction of Stefan Raab, who set the task to create the world's best 4-seater aircraft with the powerful new engine ROTAX 915iS.

In order to reduce the cost of production, it was decided to arrange an assembly of the aircraft in partnership with the “KTD GROUP” in Kanev, Ukraine

Jupiter is a unique aircraft, the fastest, lightest, reliable, economical, safe aircraft in the world.


Jupiter is the world leader in reliability and efficiency in the operation, management, safety of single-engine and twin-engine aircraft. Easy to operate. Surpasses its competitors. Qualities of the training aircraft. The control is double. The layout with the steering wheel and the layout with the handle handle are being worked out. A general requirement for a control system is the possibility of including an autopilot in the control loop.


High reliability and safety are the main concept of the company. Jupiter aircraft have a number of advantages in terms of quality, safety, reliability, price in comparison with competitors. The design is fully plastic. Allows to provide smooth aerodynamic forms, and accordingly to reach limiting flight characteristics. Comfortable cozy cabin with business class level. Exclusive fuel efficiency and remarkable flight performance, reliability.


It is planned to equip the aircraft with the most modern equipment that facilitates piloting and navigation. GPS, autopilot, liquid crystal color indicators, etc. At the same time, the option can be provided with a standard set of barometric instruments plus GPS..

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